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All executive authority resides in Almighty God and is, therefore, vested in Almighty God by Almighty God. Isaiah 33:221 declares Yahweh2 is King. He has never abdicated His throne.3 He is as much King now as He was at creation and at the time Isaiah affirmed His sovereignty. As perpetual King, the kingdom He rules […]

Article Change

Posted: 22nd August 2013 by Ted Weiland in Uncategorized

I’ve decided to change the order of Article 1 and Article 2 on the blog, placing the executive branch’s article before the legislative branch’s article. I will not be posting the rewrite of Article 1 on Constitution Mythbusters until August 30, Lord willing. This will provide an extra week for anyone interested in submitting a […]

After “completing” the Preamble, for a future generation of our posterity to perhaps use as a guide for doing it right(eous) the next time, I wasn’t necessarily intending to immediately proceed to articles for a future constitution. However, in addition to encouragement from others, this seems to be where the Lord is leading. I proceed […]