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In this article, I’ll continue to examine Mr. Fortenberry’s “Hidden Facts of the Founding Era,” in which he proposes forty-eight points that allegedly prove the Constitution was based on the Bible. Point #4: “Article 1, Section 2 – ‘The House of Representatives… shall have the sole power of impeachment.’ The power of impeachment has been […]

When I wrote last week’s article, I had no intentions of its being a multi-part series. That was before I read Bill Fortenberry’s “Hidden Facts of the Founding Era.” His article proposes forty-eight points intended to prove the Constitution was based upon the Bible. In actuality, his article is a case study in straining at […]

When Christ accused the scribes and Pharisees of straining out gnats and swallowing camels, He was reprimanding them for putting greater emphasis upon the minor issues of Yahweh’s1 law to the exclusion of the weightier matters. This inversion was born from their emphasis upon outward obedience over inward motivation: Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, […]

In politics, everything revolves around the positioning of right, left, and center. You’re either rightwing, leftwing, or a centrist. Politicians and non-politicians alike employ all three terms as if there’s a consensus on the parameters for those designations. Even if this were true, who gets to determine what’s right, left, and center, and how are […]