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Article 3: How Would You Write It?

Posted: 13th September 2013 by Ted Weiland in Uncategorized
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With the Preamble, Article 1, and Article 2 “completed,” let us consider Article 3. As with the Preamble and first two Articles, I’ll submit my proposal in a week or two. In the meantime, I am requesting Article 3 proposals from our readers: If you were asked to be a delegate to a constitutional convention […]

Section 1. All legislative authority resides in Almighty God and is, therefore, vested in Almighty God by Almighty God. Isaiah 33:22 and James 4:121 declare Yahweh2 is the exclusive legislator. There are no others. Anyone who claims the title of legislator (particularly when his “laws”—whether commandments, statutes, or judgments—are inconsonant with Yahweh’s) is a usurper […]